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New England Aquarium Coupons

New England Aquarium is a center of attraction for its world class aquarium. The aquarium is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The aquarium is spread over 75,000 sq. feet and has over 600 different sea and water animal species, and the total number of animals in the aquarium exceeds 20,000.

The whale watch aquarium is open from the month of April to the month of November. The aquarium is a big attraction for people and annually 1.3 million people visit the aquarium, with 22000 of members on its roll the aquarium is one of the largest in the world. In addition to the main aquarium, it also includes other attractions as well, including an IMAX theater and The New England Aquarium Whale Watch.


a) The main aquarium: The central open aquarium of the New England Aquarium is a coral reef shaped cylindrical ocean tank with 200,000 gallon of water in it. The tank is housing species like sharks, sea turtles, stingrays and many other sea species. The tank is surrounded by a visitor walkway that allows people to have various views of the aquarium from different angles through the windows.

New England Aquarium Coupons

b) The Thinking gallery: The gallery is also called the temperate gallery, and it features sea dragons of rare kinds, coastal environments, ancient fish species, and thousands of other species.

c) The freshwater gallery: This gallery usually exhibits the species of South America, including piranhas, anacondas, and electric eel fish.

d) The edge of the Sea tide pool: This pool features the location of a beach, and has animal that are usually found in any beach after tide like sea stars, snails, and crabs of horseshoe and hermit kind. The visitors are permitted to touch these animals.

e) The Northern Waters of the World Gallery: This galley at New England Aquarium features the New England marine species other than the Pacific Northwest species, including shorebirds, lobsters, pacific giant octopus.

f) The Tropical Gallery: The tropical gallery at New England Aquarium Coupons showcases tropical fish like scorpiofish, lionfish and other corals.

g) The animal medical center:  The center lets the visitors realize that how the New England Aquarium takes care of thousands of animals it has and gives an interactive view.

The New England Aquarium also has many other shows like Penguin Feedings, Penguin Presentations, Giant Ocean Tank Divers, Giant Ocean Tank Talks, Harbor Seal Training Sessions, Fur Seal Training Sessions, Live Animal Presentations, and Climate Change Activities.

New England Aquarium Coupons:

The New England Aquarium Coupons are the discount coupons of various kinds offered by the aquarium for it’s visitors. The coupon offers a full trip of the aquarium with no concern left on you of the expenses and other things. The Coupons can be dealt to match your needs from the aquarium to feature the things you want.

New England Aquarium Coupons can give you anything from parking options to the IMAX theater party. The coupon offers are making itself the best way to celebrate a birthday. While most other aquariums offers just birthday packages, the New England Aquarium offers coupons that varies in features and allows you to have the fun you want to have at a birthday party.


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